Make your voice heard!

You brand is steadily attacked online. Your employees, your clients and your business are threatened. Seize the opportunity to strengthen bonds with Internet users. Brandsays enables you to maintain a trustworthy and innovative brand.

Prevention is better than cure

Extrajudicial procedures, delisting of websites, letter of formal notice, domain name purchases… we are always behind the time with fraudulent websites. Reverse the trend!

Demonstrate your commitment to protecting your customers, employees and contractors. Don’t let them be misled online by counterfeiters and fraudsters. You can alert them in real time with Brandsays!

Address cyber criminality

As a weapon in the fight against fraudulent websites Brandsays reaffirms your commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Participate in a programme that benefits internet society as a whole. Brandsays also directly supports Esperancia, an endowment fund dedicated to the development of disadvantaged young people.

A collaborative tool

Brandsays creates an internet community of users and brands connected to the same tools. The online community can report websites for which there are suspicions.


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