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Brandsays is grounded in the expertise that brought you Nameshield, a leader in the domain of cybersecurity and brand protection since 1994.
Nameshield supports companies manage and protect their domain names.
In a technological and regulatory landscape experiencing rapid change,
Nameshield has successfully developed innovative solutions that form the basis of strong client partnerships.
With 13 blue-chip companies from the CAC 40 as clients, Nameshield currently holds the largest European portfolio of domain names.

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La French Tech

Brandsays is proud to be a part of La French Tech, a collective assembled behind this name brand, which serves as an emblem bringing together all those innovators who contribute to the energy and growth of French startups. Startups, entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators and investors are the main players of this collective brand, and the ones busy shaping the environment of French startups. This shared standard is a source of pride for both its members and the State, which supports them.

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MaFrance SAS has developed the website which is registered as a “French B2C e-commerce gateway” between France and China, to promote the export of small and medium-sized French companies, and to position an original and unique French e-commerce solution. MaFrance stands out by the exploitation of a patented process, directly connected to the Chinese customs, and which allows a pre-clearance before the departure of the products from France. This digital system allows to control exportations from France, and traceability of imports within China. Data management is centralized and managed by the MaFrance platform in complete autonomy.

In order to extend this French system or “digital customs clearance” MaFrance wants to duplicate the e-commerce site on other continents in order to promote the 100% origin France and enhance the export of our French SME’s internationally.

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