Brandsays is a unique prevention solution that allows you to distinguish real from suspicious URLs and help your customers make the difference by alerting them in real time if they are browsing an uncertain site.

Brandsays’ innovative, effective and concrete response is based on a URL authenticator. Brandsays’ action is that of an internet safety belt: preventing phishing, cybersquatting or counterfeiting before an accident.

In case of risk, the brand immediately alerts the user with an icon and an alert message on desktop or mobile.

Internet users can be contributors and report a site that seems suspicious to them, so Brandsays allows you to thwart threats.

Brandsays builds trust between your brand and your customers.


Sponsored by administrations renewed in the security, defense and business domain (ANSSI, French Ministry for the Economy and Finance, French Ministry of Armed Forces, Business France) the France Cybersecurity certification label meets several needs and challenges regarding the development of the French industry and the cybersecurity domain abroad.

By bringing a global approach, with technical and legal advice for brands, Brandsays meets the challenge of brand and consumer online protection.


We are committed to undertaking every possible security measure to ensure protection of both the data with which we are entrusted and users of the solution.

Brandsays applies the Ebois methodology created by ANSSI (French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems). This tool provides complete coverage for managing SSI risks, in compliance with the ‘Réferentiel général de sécurité’ and the latest ISO norms: 27001, 27005 and 31000.

The platform was designed to implement the full range of best practices in web application security, with protection from SQL and XSS injection attacks.

Access to the platform is restricted via a personal identification system.

All traffic to or from our servers is secured by SSL encryption via dedicated channels in order to thwart incorporation of compromised data.


UEFA has chosen Brandsays to help fans distinguish official sites from unauthorised reseller when shopping for tickets

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