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Legit or scam website ?

Be automatically notified thanks to your favourite brands.

This does not just happen to others

  • 39% of American and European online purchasers
    have already received a counterfeit product during the Christmas period.
  • 1 in 2 drugs
    sold online is a conterfeit product
  • 80,000 people
    fall for phishing attacks every day

References: Ifop, OMS, Kaspersky


Who but the brand itself could certify a website ?

Thanks to Brandsays, brands are committed to protect you. Your favourite brands track down fraudulent websites and automatically warn you through the application.


A collaborative tool for a safer browsing experience

Be part of the action. With Brandsays you can report questionable website.


How does it work ?

Install the Brandsays browser extension for free. When you land on a website referenced by one of our partner brands, you will know automatically if it is legit or scam. Brandsays will warn you in real-time in case of danger.